Numi 2. Your New Calculator.

Numi is a calculator that magically combines calculations and text and allows you to freely share calculations with others.

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Mac Informer Editor's pick award

Once you go Numi, you will never go back.

This is a great little utility and much better than any other calculator app. The biggest draw for me is that I can keep calculations on the sheet for later look up, or modification, or copy and pasting.
Ben Whitehouse

Customizable in all dimensions.

Choose between dock mode or menu-bar mode. Choose your own fonts. Fine-tune the precision of your calculations.

All features you need to be productive

Items marked with New have been added in version 2.


Numi uses the maximum available accuracy during calculations. You can configure the number of decimal places to display.


The application supports a full set of arithmetic and trigonometric functions. Special operations for better handling percentage are a big plus.


Automate your calculation workflow. Use variables for automatic recalculations and more convenient calculations without needing to submit new values.


Automatic calculation of the totals for all the results is recalculated automatically. In order to get a grand total, it's as simple as writing "Total".


Add comments, or titles right inside your calculations. numi comes packed with all the benefits of a text editor: copy, paste, undo, and fast navigation.


The application automatically formats the text, calculations and results, thus ensuring better display and readability.

Global ShortcutNew

Being able to quick launch app with global shortcut saves you time and makes all your calculations within reach.


All your results are available for copying with just one click over them. When you copy text from Numi to another application, the results will be copied as well.

Two modesNew

You can choose between dock mode or menu-bar mode.

Look & feelNew

Configure fonts you like to see for each mode.

Optimized for Retina

Works great on retina displays, with high-detailed graphics.


You don't lose your calculations upon exit. All your calculations are automatically saved after exit, and will be loaded when you relaunch.

$19.99 $9.99
Require Mac OS 10.6 - 10.9